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My name is Håvard Sveås, and I am a Norwegian composer/arranger/musician. I have a bachelor degree in church music from the music conservatory in Trondheim (NTNU) and have also studied jazz music/improvisation and instrumentation. Currently I work as an organist as well as doing lots of freelance composing and arranging as well as studio work as a keyboardist and recording rehearsal files for choirs. I´ve been conducting choirs for both mixed voices, male voices and female voices.

My arrangements and compositions contains a wide range of music in different genres and difficulty levels, and it is sung by choirs in many countries all over the world.

Do not hesitate to contact me about music or arrangements for your choir, see contact details below or sign up for newsletters  above!



Håvard Sveås

Tomasholen 14

6030 Langevåg


phone 0047 915 31 296

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